Get your HS code

Avoid customs delays and unexpected charges

What's an HS code?

Harmonised System (HS) codes are based on goods descriptions. They’re used throughout the world to classify international shipments and assess which taxes, duties and restrictions may apply.

Do I need one?

Every international shipment needs an accurate HS code. Adding it to your commercial invoice yourself will speed up the customs process and help you avoid any nasty, surprise charges.

How do I get my HS code?

It’s now easier than ever. There are plenty of HS code search tools online where you can type in a detailed description of what you’re shipping and get your code.

What do HS code look like?

HS codes are six digits long, although some countries add extra numbers to the end for further classification. (Like Japan, Germany and the US.)

Let’s have some examples.
Laptops: 8471.30
Mobile phones: 8517.12
Books: 4901.99

Anything else I should know?

There is, actually. Always remember that HS codes never work alone. You still need to include a complete description of your goods on your commercial invoice.

This description should explain what you’re shipping, what it’s made of and what it’ll be used for.

I’ve got my HS code?

Good stuff. You’re now ready to add it to your commercial invoice. Download a template here.

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