Special collection, delivery and handling

Exceptional service for exceptional shipments

Wherever it's going and whatever it requires, we'll collect, handle and deliver your shipment with all the speed and care it demands


Need a pickup out of hours? Or special handling to guarantee safe delivery? Our special collection, delivery and handling services have got you covered. Additional fees apply.


Late collection

For collections outside our usual hours, on-demand collection service means your goods can start their journey whenever you're ready.


Saturday collection/delivery

For weekend service, we can collect on Friday and deliver on Saturday or collect on Saturday and deliver on Monday.


Remote area service

Nowhere is too far or too difficult to reach. We can deliver and collect in hard-to-reach and remote locations. Check for postcode details.


Residential delivery service

Deliveries aren’t limited to business addresses. To meet your customer’s needs we can deliver to residential addresses, too.


Priority handling

Choose prioritised handling from collection to delivery and your consignment will be clearly labelled with our priority sticker.


Additional handling

If your shipment exceeds our standard dimensions or can’t be handled on automated conveyor machinery, we’ll manage with additional handling.


Multi-piece handling

If your consignment contains more than one item, we’ll handle them together as one shipment.


Special handling

If your cargo is an unusual size or shape, our team will ensure it’s handled as efficiently and safely as always, including:


  • Non-stackable items
  • Classified and designated substances per IATA, ADR and other transport regulations

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