CO2 services

Track and take action on carbon emissions

Address the environmental impact of your business with our reporting, modelling and carbon-offset services


To understand and mitigate the environmental impact of your business from CO2 emissions, we offer a number of useful services - to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of your shipments, predict and assess your carbon footprint, and identify ways to meet the compliance needs of your business.


CO2 Reporting

  • Track and analyse your CO2 footprint
  • Choose the detail and frequency of reporting — from one-page summaries to detailed data extracts
  • Fully verified by external auditors against the leading European standard (EN16258)

CO2 Neutral shipping

  • Fully offset the CO2 emissions of your shipments
  • Highest quality ‘gold standard’ credits
  • Annual certificate specifying the amount of CO2 neutralised
  • TNT CO2 Neutral logo tells customers you care

CO2 And global supply chains

  • Predict and model your CO2 impact
  • CO2 Quote predicts carbon emissions for tenders or quote requests
  • CO2 Scenario models and optimises emissions in your transport supply chain to lower overall footprint
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