Online billing

Streamline your administration

We’ve developed comprehensive e-invoicing and e-payment systems that are faster and more efficient than the paper-based alternative.

Our electronic administration system enables you to administer all your accounts - invoices, credits, statements and payments - in just a few clicks. It's smart, fast and green, too.

Online Billing makes the laborious task of processing invoices and reconciling statements so much easier. In just a few clicks you can access all your account information without having to waste time searching for printed invoices or filling in data manually.

  • Receive your invoices online
  • Get email alerts as new invoices arrive
  • Download invoices and statements in pdf or excel format
  • Access invoices and statements 24/7/365
  • Pay your invoices online
  • Raise and track the progress of your invoice disputes

Credit card fee: 3.5% per invoice is applied to the total invoice amount when payment is made using a credit card.

Non-electronic invoice: $7.00 per paper invoice is applied to paper invoices submitted by mail.

Please note that charges are subject to change without notice.

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