Shipment insurance

For total peace of mind

We take the utmost care with every shipment. But some circumstances are simply beyond our control. TNT shipping insurance covers the full value of your goods against all risks.

Every shipment we accept is covered by standard global conventions, as specified in our Terms & Conditions. However, these offer limited liability based on weight, not the actual value of your shipment.

With TNT shipping insurance, there’s no need to use a separate insurance provider. Simply add this to your service, when you book a shipment to manage your worldwide shipping with just one supplier.

Our optional shipment insurance provides:

Peace of mind         Cover the full value of your shipment against all risks.1
Low rates                Your goods are protect for a low price.
Easy management    Simply choose this option when you book.
Global coverage       Insure most any shipment across more than 200 countries.²

1Damage due to inadequate packaging excepted. See Terms & Conditions for details.
Certain restrictions on countries and goods apply. Contact Customer Service for additional information.


Document: $3.00 up to $500
Non-document: $0 - $100 is free of charge. $0.95 for each $100 of declared value. Minimum $2.50.

Document Insurance covers the cost of document recreation

TNT's liability for loss or damage to a package is limited to $100.00 without additional charge. For an additional charge as describe here, you can increase TNT's liability for damage or loss of a package.

Please note that charges are subject to change without notice.

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