Automotive People

Helping keep your production line running

Automotive logistics present unique challenges. We understand that a stopped production line can cause significant damage to your business. Our experience means we can provide fast, reliable, specialist services within your automotive supply chain — keeping your factories on schedule and your customers satisfied.

Inbound to production

Our people know how complex automotive production can be. Production lines are served by hundreds of global suppliers. If just one of the thousands of individual parts isn’t delivered, your entire production line could shut down. That doesn’t just mean financial losses. It means broken promises to your customers, and maybe even lost business.


We know that every part must be delivered at the right time and to the right place to ensure your production line continues to run like clockwork.


We can improve your automotive supply chain, including:


  • 2-4% reduction in inventory pipeline costs with faster and more reliable delivery
  • Up to 60% reduction in likelihood of line stoppage due to transport-related issues
  • 3-6% increase in planning productivity by improving plant materials management function
  • Up to 50% reduction in administration costs of handling multiple carriers for emergency shipments


Our service

  • On 92% of lanes we are faster or equal to the competition on the road.
  • We deliver to 20% more destinations in Europe within 48 hours by road.
  • Our road network is optimised for parcels and pallets up to 1000 kg.
  • We can offer more options for first- and last-mile delivery.


Our people

  • We have 6 times more specialist desks than our closest competitor, with better local planning capabilities leading to 2-5% better service performance.
  • We have no internal divisions, so we can offer multiple modes of transport and the widest range of services via a single point of contact.


Useful downloads

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  • Download our case study (US to Europe)
  • Download our case study (Europe to US)

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