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How to ship your parcel to India

As one of the world's fastest growing major economies, India is a key destination for global shippers. Since many governments have begun to reduce trade restrictions with India, now is a great time to take advantage of this huge buying market created by an exploding middle class. Whether you require the sending of letters, parcels or pallets, we can get them there on time and in the same condition they left home. Expand the reach of your business to India and tap one of the most important global shipping destinations.



Not having the necessary local knowledge to get through customs quickly can cause delays to your shipments and cost you money. Take advantage of TNT's expertise shipping to India and have the reassurance that your goods will cross the border as smoothly as possible. With a full service including customs clearance and completion of declarations on your behalf, TNT is the best way to ensure efficient global shipping. For more information, visit our Customs page.


  • Global reach to 200+ countries
  • Choose the speed you need
  • Time and day definite
  • Clear cost breakdown
  • Collection time convenient for you

Delivering to locations in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, TNT is one of the world's leading express delivery companies.

With a whole host of delivery options to choose from, you will be able to find a service that meets the immediate needs of your business. So whether you require delivery within 24 hours or something more economical, we will be able to help.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of our tailored services, including dangerous goods, temperature sensitive items and large or heavy items. We work with you to get your shipment where it needs to be and in the best possible condition.


Shipping to India?

While shipping to India offers some of the richest business opportunities in the world, it can be a little more complicated to ship to than some other countries. As a country that is extremely cautious about goods entering the country and the legitimacy of those exporting to it, you should expect to be subject to in-depth checks when sending your goods to India.



Important customs information for India

In recent years the Indian government has been putting in place extra checks at customs to ensure that companies shipping or receiving goods are registered businesses. This is a programme called Know Your Customer, or KYC. Further information on KYC can be found further down on this page.

Further information on KYC checks

Since overtaking China as the world's fastest growing economy, demand for shipping goods to India has never been greater. In order for your goods to pass KYC checks as quickly as possible and avoid delays at customs, make sure you follow these guidelines:


1. Be precise on your commercial invoice

It is crucial that the commercial invoice accompanying your shipment is complete, accurate and written in English. Take special care to include the full name, phone number and email of the contact person in India, as well as the full legal name and address of the company.


2. Fully brief your contact in India

If you're shipping to or receiving from an address in India for the first time with TNT, tell your contact in India to email in order to confirm they are on the TNT KYC list. Our colleagues in India will be happy to help.


3. Ship with TNT and avoid repeating the process

Once an address in India is registered on our KYC list, it stays there permanently. It is the responsibility of the courier to keep hold of these details, not the Indian customs authorities. Therefore, in order to avoid this process in the future, keep on shipping with TNT.


With your cooperation, we can avoid unnecessary delays and make sure that your shipment arrives on time. Something not clear? Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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