TNT UAE wins CIPS award

20th May 2015

TNT UAE named 2015 winner of CIPS Middle East Award for Best Contribution to Corporate Responsibility

TNT UAE is delighted to receive the CIPS Middle East Award 2015 for Corporate Responsibility. This award recognizes TNT’s efforts in having achieved safer work practices and reducing fuel gas emission goals.


Mr Turab Rahaman, Operations Director, TNT UAE said, “Today, 90% of our Diesel Fleet in the UAE is run on Biodiesel. This initiative has enabled us to rely less on fossil fuels bringing environmental benefits and contributed to cost savings for TNT UAE by 13.5% a year.”


The pilot study began in June 2013 and was implemented a year later. Biodiesel Fuel B5 - which is cooking oil blended with petroleum diesel produces ten times fewer harmful greenhouse gases than regular diesel. This reduces emissions of particulate matter, carbon dioxide and hydro carbons. In switching to Biodiesel 5, TNT UAE is expected to reduce carbon emissions by about 32 tonnes per year based on its normal fuel consumption patterns.

The monies saved were invested back into training TNT’s drivers on safe and eco driving. Overall, this supports UAE’s larger plan to encourage use of alternative fuels and give a boost to its national environmental goals.


In presenting the award, the jury commented, "TNT's objectives in support of the National Green agenda included safer work practices and reducing harmful fuel emissions. By having clear goals and good planning they were able to introduce enhanced driver training and alternative fuels which has been held up as a best practice model".


CIPS an international organisation serving the purchasing and supply profession is dedicated to promoting good practice and provides a wide range of services for the benefit of members and the wider business community, including qualifications, education and training.

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