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On 27 April 1998, TNT opened its European Express Centre at Liege Airport, in Belgium. The Hub processes all air freight consignments within Europe and forms a link with the rest of the world.

TNT chose Liege over 11 other possible airports to set up its new Air Hub due to its excellent geographical location, its infrastructure, the unlimited night flights permission, the possibility of self-handling, the favorable climate condition and the limited impact on the population.

The activity of the hub represents nearly 40 planes and 140 trucks and vans every day. 75% of the traffic is outbound by air while the rest is transported by road. In general, planes fly to three destinations, each of which acts as a deconsolidation centre for a dozen additional destinations. This is the principle of the star network.

Following the acquisition of TNT in 2016, FedEx Express carried on and amplified the modernisation of the Liege hub. As a result, the sorting system has been replaced. The hub now incorporates the latest available technology to eliminate operational bottlenecks and single point of failure risks, reduce manual handling and increase safety. Building on these improvements, the introduction of a FedEx flight from Liege to Memphis confirms the role of the TNT hub in Liege as a significant operation for the group, complementing the FedEx Express hubs at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle and Cologne airports.

The Liege hub has just completed its Liege Extra Fit performance improvement. The upgraded hub is now well positioned to handle volume increases.

All these initiatives aim to ensure that transit is the fastest, that the journey never stops to connect more people and possibilities.

Page publication date: 13 June 2019 15:03 CET