The Process


The depot
Before arriving in the Liege Hub, the shipment has been collected by the TNT services at the premises of the customer. At the depot, a bar code label is placed on the consignment that includes all relevant information about the shipment. Depending on the service required, shipments will be carried via TNT's Air or Road Network.

The Hub

The international shipments are transported to the Euro Hub in Liege which is split into airside and roadside sections. Thanks to technologically advanced sortation equipment, individual packages with a weight of less than 30kg move on conveyor system and arrive at a specific "chute" which represents a destination. Packages weighting more than 30kg are not placed on the conveyor system but handled with a forklift. From the chutes, the shipments are then manually loaded into cages which are either placed into trucks or loaded into containers for aircraft.

Customs Administration
The office processing department performs two basic functions which are an essential part of the process:

  • preparing the documentation for export shipments (those leaving Liege);
  • working in close co-operation with Belgian customs authorities to comply with all customs regulations;

The destination
Once sorted, the shipments leave the Liege Hub either by air or road and carried to a local TNT depot which will arrange the final delivery to the customer.

Page publication date: 13 June 2019 15:04 CET