Some specific historical facts about TNT Liège



  • TNT Airways, the airline of the group, is created in 2000.


  • TNT Express announces initial investment of 36 million euros to expand Liege Air Hub. (press release)


  • TNT expends its long haul network with a five day per week air cargo service linking Moscow (press release) and its main European hub Liege as well as with a direct flight between Chongqing and Liège (press release).
  • The same year, the company introduces three Boeings 777 in his fleet (delivery in 2011). (press release)


  • TNT Express announces its intention to invest in operations and safety at Liege Euro Hub. The Liege Extra Fit programme (LEF) will increase the hub's sorting capacity by 50% and improve health and safety for the 1,500 employees. (press release)


  • FedEx announces its intention to buy TNT.


  • In February, TNT signs conditional sale agreement with ASL Aviation Group for airline operations. TNT Express has signed an agreement to sell its airline operartions TNT Airways and Pan Air Lineas Aéreas to ASL Aviation group, conditional on the completion of FedEx's intended acquisition of TNT, which happened on 25 May the same year. (press release)

  • On 25 May, FedEx acquires TNT. Bringing FedEx and TNT together allows us to build upon the strengths of both companies, leading to a brighter future that connects even more people and possibilities around the world.



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