At the heart of Europe, Liege Airport is the ideal location for TNT European Air Hub established there in 1998. 

Liege Airport, re-built in 1997, is one of the most efficient and best equipped airport in Europe. Many factors were taken into account when TNT decided to establish its European Express Center (HUB) at Liege. Actually, it was responding to strategic requirements based on infrastructure capacity and the development of delivery service. Available space, expansion possibilities, particularly well situated at the heart of Europe and a new modern and human sized infrastructure dedicated to freighter operation were among the main considerations.

Although Liege airport history begun with the 1st world war, it was mostly a Belgian Air Force base until 1994. The airport has been completely rebuilt since 1997 and continues to expand.

Liege is uncongested, situated outside populated areas and enjoys a top class ground and ATC infrastructure. The airport has two runways of which one is certified for CAT III operations.

Situated at a major crossroads of the European motorway system Liege Airport's road access is excellent. The airport infrastructure, the organisation of the handling and the availability of the two runways mean that aircraft waiting times can be kept to a minimum.

The TNT distribution chain can therefore aim for perfection. Liege Airport favours freight and guarantees a high quality of service.



Page publication date: 14 June 2019 12:53 CET