The TNT Safe-Packing Policy

Imperfect packaging puts your goods, other shipments, and our TNT team members at risk. Your shipment must comply with our safe-packing policy. Drivers have the right to refuse packaging described below.



Damaged boxes

No punctured, crushed or otherwise damaged boxes.




Wet boxes

No wet, leaking or water-damaged boxes.



Unsuitable packaging

No heavy items in weak boxes. Boxes must be of sufficient strength, quality and size. If necessary, use strapping to strengthen your box.



Over 70 kg

Boxes heavier than 70 kg must be palletised.

How to prepare stronger boxes



Unattached items

Everything must be attached to the pallet with strapping and/or wrapping to form a single, inseparable unit.


Low-quality pallets

No poor-quality or damaged pallets.


Overhanging pallets

Items must not exceed the dimensions of the pallet.

How to prepare the perfect pallets

Irregular items

Sharp edges

No exposed or sharp items. Ample padding is required to prevent injury.


Protruding parts

Items that overhang or stick out could cause injury or damage other shipments.



How to prepare irregular items

Shipments containing dangerous goods must be fully compliant with IATA and ADR regulations.