myTNT 2. The clever tool for day-to-day shippers

This is the shipping tool built to fit your routine. Easy to use and completely online, myTNT 2 is designed to make shipping faster and easier for businesses of any size.






Your personalised rates
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Incoming and outgoing shipments

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How to ship


Sign up for myTNT 2 in seconds


Enter your shipment details


Print out your own label


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The fastest way to create a shipment

Why waste time entering the same information over and over? myTNT 2 saves templates for the shipments you make regularly and automatically saves receiver details in your address book. That way, you can create new shipments in just a few quick clicks.

  • Smart address book with real-time search
  • A box to write driver instructions
  • Save as many templates as you like
  • Ship immediately after signing up
  • Book in just a few seconds




Complete visibility and control

Missing vital shipment information can mean downtime for your business. Stay on top of all your incoming and outgoing shipments wherever you are on desktop, mobile and tablet. With integrated tracking, you’ll even get live status updates.

  • Status of recent shipments on your dashboard
  • Incoming and outgoing shipments in one place
  • Integrated Track & Trace
  • Available on all devices 




Everything you need in one place

With access for multiple users on a range of devices, it’s never been easier for you and your colleagues to keep track of shipments. We’ll also build in your personalised rates – meaning your business can save money as well as time.

  • Discounted rates
  • Multiple users
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Domestic, international and import shipments


Join thousands who already love it


What is myTNT 2?

It’s the online tool designed to make it as easy as possible to ship with TNT – the updated and improved version of myTNT.

Who can use myTNT 2?

Any business that needs to ship, from tiny startups to big multinationals. If you’re not a business shipper, this isn’t the shipping platform for you.

How much do I need to ship?

You don’t have to complete a minimum number of shipments to qualify for myTNT 2. Any business can sign up.