Expanded ‘green’ fleet to help London achieve global emissions status

: Monday, 20 January 2014

20th January 2014

Plans to turn central London into the world’s first ever ‘Ultra Low Emissions Zone’ have received a boost with TNT Express, the UK’s leading express delivery company, announcing plans to more than double its use of zero emission delivery vehicles in the capital.

Following a succesful 18-month pilot in partnership with award-winning green transport specialists Gnewt Cargo, TNT Express will from early Spring 2014, introduce a fleet of 15 specially built electric delivery vehicles, making more than 1,000 international deliveries into London every day.

The roll-out of the eco-friendly fleet follows the successful trialling of six Gnewt Cargo vehicles from TNT Express’ London City depot over the past 18 months.

In February 2013 Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, unveiled plans to establish central London as the world’s first ever ‘Ultra Low Emissions Zone’  (ULEZ) by 2020, meaning almost all vehicles operating in the zone during working hours would be zero or low emission.

Use of electric vehicles will play a significant role in achieving ULEZ status, saving an estimated 316kg of carbon for every 1,000 litres of fuel currently being used by a conventionally fuelled vehicle making deliveries into London.

Alistair Cochrane, Managing Director of TNT Express UK & Ireland, said: “As a large-scale provider of road delivery services we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities and are constantly seeking to develop new technologies and ways of working which will further reduce our carbon footprint.

“This partnership with Gnewt Cargo is just one example of the many schemes currently being trialled by TNT Express in major cities right across Europe to help address this agenda.”

Introduction of the new vehicles will play an integral part in TNT Express’ City Logistics initiative, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and air pollutants generated by its operations in London, and is part of a wider global initiative  to contribute to cleaner, less congested inner cities through the use of innovative low emission supply chain solutions

A repeat award winner across multiple transport, sustainability and entrepreneurship awards, Gnewt Cargo uniquely offers a wide range of zero-emission delivery options across all sizes of delivery vehicles, from bicycles and scooters up to vans and trucks.

Matthew Linnecar, co-founder of Gnewt Cargo, said: “As a small business operating in a unique niche we are delighted to work with such an established and forward thinking organisation like TNT Express.  Our aim is to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the delivery industry in city centres and this partnership assists us in making great strides towards that goal.”