Fuel Surcharges in Ireland

Your TNT shipments in Ireland are subject to fuel surcharges.

Surcharges apply to invoices issued in Ireland are subject to monthly adjustments.

The Surcharges Explained

TNT aims to keep our prices fair and these fuel supplements will rise, fall or be removed in line with the movements in fuel prices.

The index based fuel-surcharge for Ireland National shipments is based on the monthly average forecourt price of Petrol, as published by the AA and is inclusive of duties and taxes applicable in the Republic of Ireland. To download the latest monthly data from their website please click here.

Latest Surcharge Level:

29 October - 2 December 2017: 7.00%

1 October - 28 October 2017: 7.00%

3 September - 30 September 2017: 6.75%

30 July - 2 September 2017: 6.75%

2 July - 29 July 2017: 7.00%

4 June - 1 July 2017: 7.00%

30 April - 3 June 2017: 7.00%

2 April - 29 April 2017: 7.25%

5 March - 1 April 2017: 7.00%

29 January - 4 March 2017: 7.00%

Diesel Prices and Corresponding Surcharge Levels

The table below shows the average Ireland diesel price bands and their corresponding fuel surcharge levels.  Please be aware that there will be a one month lag in the application of the index. For example the monthly average price of diesel as published by the AA relating to December, will be used to determine the applicable fuel surcharge for February. 

TNT's Ireland fuel surcharge will be changed on this monthly basis using this scale:

TNT reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge index and table without notice.  Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at TNT's sole discretion.

Please check this website regularly for any updates.