Domestic Additional Services

Sending and Receiving items within Ireland.

Additional Services

A comprehensive list of our additional services for Irish consignments.


Enhanced Liability






Dangerous Goods






CO2 Services





Non-electronic consignment note Non-electronic invoice




Remote Area Service






Residential Delivery Service






Resolved Wrong Address



Deferment Processing Fee



Multi Line Entry





Specialised Entries








Just 1% of the value of goods, minimum of €10, up to a value of €25,000.














€2.00 €3.50





€0.30 per kg, minimum €15.00, maximum €100.00














5% of the amount TNT pays to Irish Customs. Min €15 , Max €500


€6.00 per line over 5 entries










€5.00 per day, per consignment applied after 3 days


We take the utmost care with every shipment. But some circumstances are simply beyond our control. TNT's enhanced liability covers the full value of your goods.


If you wish to send dangerous goods or ship hazardous materials, there are a number of regulations surrounding what can and cannot be shipped by TNT.


Address the environmental impact of your business with our reporting, modelling and carbon-offset services.


We can provide our domestic customers with printed consignment notes and/or paper based invoices for a flat-rate fee.


A remote area is defined as difficult to reach or remote location. This is determined by post code or town name. For an additional fee we will deliver (or collect) in these areas.


TNT provides delivery services to business addresses as standard. Delivery to residential addresses incur an additional charge per shipment.


To cover the cost of staff time required to rectify the situation.


As part of our customs processing service.










To cover warehouse costs.



More information






More information











Electronic documentation incurs no additional charges. Find out more about our online booking tools such as myTNT.


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More information






More information





Electronic documentation incurs no additional charges. Find out more about our online booking tools such as myTNT.


Electronic documentation incurs no additional charges. Find out more about our online booking tools such as myTNT.



Surcharges & Further Information

Find out more about our fuel surcharges.


Fuel Surcharges




TNT aims to keep our prices fair and these fuel supplements will rise, fall or be removed in line with the movements in fuel prices.


Additional handling

Shipments that exceed our standard dimensions, or otherwise cannot be handled by our automated conveyor belts, will incur one of the following surcharges*:

Handling categoryChargeExplanationLinks
Non-conveyable (SNC)€45.00This applies if an item weighs less than 30 kg, and exceeds any of the following dimensions:>1.21m (l) x 0.76m (w) x 0.76m (h)
Exceeding dimensions (SED)€55.00This applies if an item weighs 30 kg or more, and exceeds any of the following dimensions:Express Services: >1.2m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.5m (h) Economy Services: >2.4m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.8m (h)
AHS Packaging (AHP) (expected to take effect as of January 2023)€40.00This applies if an item: 
- is not fully encased in an outer shipping container;
- is encased in an outer shipping container; not made of corrugated fiberboard (cardboard) materials, including but not limited to metal, wood, canvas, leather, plastic (hard and soft), or expanded polystyrene foam (e.g., Styrofoam);
- is encased in an outer shipping container covered in shrink wrap or stretch wrap;
- is round or cylindrical, including (without limitation) mailing tubes, cans, buckets, barrels, tires, drums or pails;
- is bound with metal, plastic or cloth banding, or has wheels (e.g. a bicycle), casters, handles, or straps (including packages where the outer surface area is loosely wrapped, or where the contents protrude outside the surface area);
- could become entangled in or cause damage to other packages or the TNT sortation system

We reserve the right to assess additional handling charges for packages that require special handling or that require TNT to apply additional packaging during transit
AHS Weight (AHW) (expected to take effect as of January 2023)€20.00This applies if an item has an actual weight greater than 31kg and it is not on a standard pallet.  

*NOTE: TNT will always only apply one Additional Handling surcharge per shipment. The surcharge will be applied based on below hierarchy:

1) Exceeding dimensions

2) Non-conveyable 

3) AHS Packaging

4) AHS Weight 

Non-stackable (SNS)€150.00This surcharge applies to any freight shipment containing at least one piece, skid or pallet that is non-stackable. Non-stackable means that a piece, skid or pallet cannot be stacked vertically in a safe and secure manner. This surcharge applies once per shipment, even if multiple pieces identified as non-stackable are bundled in a shipment. A shipment can attract both one Additional Handling surcharge and the Non-stackable surcharge. (Note: The billed surcharge does not represent a bookable service and does not contain any guarantee to the extent that the respective shipments may not possibly be stacked at one point during transport.) -