TNT Express steps up security measures

: Monday, 15 November, 2010

TNT Express is taking a series of additional measures to protect its customers and their consignments as well as its employees and networks from the threat of bomb-parcels. The company has reinforced air and ground security controls, including the screening of consignments, in all countries where it operates. This covers TNT's own operations, but also that of its associates, subcontractors, and partner airlines involved in the transportation of TNT shipments.

TNT already implements a global security standard that meets or exceeds local security standards. TNT Express is nonetheless completing a risk assessment to identify areas where security could be further enhanced. This includes the evaluation of all airports where TNT operates or plans to operate in the near future.

TNT routinely cooperates with national and international authorities responsible for transportation security worldwide. In the coming weeks, TNT Express will intensify dialogue with customers and security officials to raise existing security standards. TNT will of course review and align with any developing regulations.

"TNT Express is committed to strengthening transportation security worldwide," says Marie-Christine Lombard, Group Managing Director Express. "Together with security officials, customers and the industry, we are determined to enforce all reasonable measures to allow the safe transport of world trade."

TNT is currently subject to several international regulations, including ICAO Annex 17, and also takes account of other international recommendations, such as ECAC Doc 30, ICAO Security recommendations, and industry-driven best practices, like IATA IOSA program and TAPA certification.