Export controls and sanctions

How to comply with sanctions and export regulations


Shipping goods to certain countries is affected by export controls and ongoing international sanctions based on the type of goods, the origin and destination country, or the parties involved in the transaction.

While TNT services most countries currently subject to international sanctions, we will only ship in compliance with regulations and sanctions imposed by the United Nations, European Union, United States and other countries. Please refer to TNT's Terms and Conditions the handling of strategic items and sanctioned destinations below for details on the handling of restricted, but legitimate, trade. 

Denied parties

Denied party lists are part of international sanctions regimes and export control requirements. TNT does not accept consignments to or from individuals and entities listed as a denied party.

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Strategic items

Strategic items are military or dual-use items, which may be used for both civil or military purposes. TNT does not classify any strategic items, this is the responsibility of the exporter. Our service capabilities vary per location but always require clear information on any applicable licences. Please contact local customer service for more information.

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Sanctioned destinations

To adhere to international sanctions, TNT has suspended certain services or implemented additional requirements for shipping. Below is an overview by country of each sanction programme affecting TNT’s service.

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