Additional services and surcharges

Does your shipment require extra attention? We offer you a wide range of additional services to handle your requirements. Take into consideration mandatory surcharges that apply to every shipment.

Additional services

Collection and delivery

  • Priority
  • Remote area service
  • Resolved wrong address
  • Weekend and public holiday delivery

Shipment handling

  • Packaging 
  • Weight
  • Non-conveyable
  • Exceeding dimensions
  • Non-stackable

Special goods transport

  • Hazardous goods
  • Lithium battery shipments
  • Dry ice
  • Biological substance cat. B
  • Excepted quantities
  • Limited quantities

Customs services

  • Customs Storage
  • Handling
  • Transit Document


  • Enhanced liability
  • Paper consigment notes & invoices

Download the full range of options and additional fees for international services

Download the full range of options and additional fees for domestic services


Surcharges are additional charges that are mandatory and applicable to your shipments. When shipping consignments using TNT services, the following surcharges apply:

Fuel surcharges
FedEx applies an index-based fuel surcharge to every shipment. 

Updates to our surcharges (effective 1 January 2024)

In 2024, we are updating the base amounts of the following surcharges.

Non-Stackable*705 RON/ international shipment; 212 RON/domestic shipment1000 RON/international shipment; 300 RON/domestic shipment
Dangerous Goods:
Dry Ice
50 RON/shipment62 RON/shipment 
Remote Area:
Out-of-Delivery Area**
2 RON/kg (min. 105 RON, max. 560 RON)2.25 RON/kg (min. 110 RON, max. 560 RON)
Non-Electronic Consignment25 RON/shipment40 RON/shipment

*To avoid this surcharge, please refer to our packaging guidelines.

**The postal codes where this surcharge applies will be updated. Find full details here.

Additional taxes for TNT collect shipments imported from India, Vietnam & Thailand

Invoices for TNT collect shipments imported from India, Vietnam and Thailand will reflect an additional tax in the amount and from the effective date as indicated in the table below. This is due to a change in our business model, and is compliant with relevant tax regulations. The tax will apply to all TNT customers whose shipments originate in India, Thailand or Vietnam, including payers billed outside of these countries. If you have any questions about the tax, please reach us at the enquiry hotline on your TNT invoice.

Origin of shipmentAdditional taxEffective date
India18%1 June 2020
Vietnam10%1 September 2020
Thailand7%1 September 2020

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