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Restrictions on shipping alcohol vary from country to country

While some countries may demand specific licences to import alcohol, others (such as Saudi Arabia) have a complete ban on imports.

Excise duties, requirements and documentation for shipping alcohol can differ hugely from region to region.

Failure to adhere to these conditions could result in a significant fine or prosecution.

Service info

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Need to send your perishables further, faster?

Our Express services offer a range of delivery options, from same day to next day – ensuring time-critical perishables arrive fresh and on time.

Not fast enough? Next Flight Out, Special Express or Dedicated Vehicle are the services that can get your perishables where they need to be even faster, or outside regular working hours.

Dry ice

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Dry ice is classed as dangerous goods

If you’re using dry ice to help preserve perishables while in transit, you need to tell us in advance.

It must also be packed in a way that prevents a potentially hazardous build-up of pressure. When dry ice changes to carbon dioxide gas in confined spaces (such as aircraft cargo holds), it displaces oxygen.

You can still ship dry ice with perishables, but you must get in touch with our experts beforehand and let us know.

Labelling dry ice

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Make sure dry ice is clearly labelled

If you’re using dry ice to refrigerate perishables that will be shipped by plane, it needs to be clearly labelled on your shipment.

You must clearly attach a UN 1845 hazard label to all shipments containing dry ice. You’ll also need to clearly mark (in kg) the net quantity of dry ice in each package.


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Keep food and drink fresh, safe and damage-free

Dry ice and gel coolants are lighter and more efficient refrigerants than potentially leaky wet ice.

Wrap perishables securely in watertight plastic bags before placing them inside a well-insulated container. Fill any empty space with dunnage to prevent movement during transit.

International shipping

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Sending food or drink abroad?

Ensure all individual food and drink items are clearly labelled with all ingredients, an expiry date and the total value.

Some countries maintain strict guidelines or total bans on importing perishables into the country. Be sure to check your goods aren’t restricted before you ship.


Still not sure if we can ship your goods? Get in touch.