Notice on Service Adjustment of TNT Express Worldwide (China) Limited in China Region


July, 1st, 2020

FedEx’s acquisition of TNT Express was completed on May 25, 2016.

Effective from and including August 1, 2020 (the "Effective Date"), TNT Express Worldwide (China) Limited and its branches (collectively "TNT China") will cease all business, including the international express air transportation services.

What will not change:

1.     At your choice, you can continue to use the same service you now receive from TNT China. It shall be provided to you by Federal Express (China) Company Limited and its branches (collectively "FedEx China").

2.     You can continue to use the TNT China website, customer account, customer hotline and waybills (including the online shipping systems) to purchase services from FedEx China.

From the Effective Date, FedEx China will honor the same terms you now have with TNT China on service prices, fee rates and other applicable terms and conditions.

What will change from the Effective Date:

1.     FedEx China will issue the tax invoices for all fees arising from your use of services including possibly for shipping that occurred prior to the Effective Date. In some limited situations, this change in tax invoice issuer may result in a change of the VAT rate.

2.     You will need to make payment to FedEx China. We will notify you shortly the bank account details and payment collection for FedEx China. When you receive the bills, please pay attention to the changes in the recipient bank account information on the bills.

3.     As FedEx China will continue to provide the services on terms you now enjoy, your current Agreement with TNT China (Original Agreement) will terminate at 23:59 P.M. on July 31, 2020.

On or after the Effective Date, if you continue to use your TNT account to log onto the TNT system for shipping, use TNT waybills to ship, accept relevant services, acknowledge deliveries, pay bills issued by FedEx China or give instructions to similar effect, we will regard it as your acceptance of the above-mentioned business transfer and that you have concluded an agreement with FedEx China on the same terms of the Original Agreement. If necessary, FedEx China will enter into a written agreement with you on the same terms of the Original Agreement.

Thank you for your enormous support to TNT China. FedEx China is fully committed to continue serving you. Your use of FedEx China's services, whether through the TNT or FedEx-branded services, connects your businesses to more than 220 countries and territories and delivers more possibilities through FedEx’s extensive air and road networks. We are focused on reliability, excellent products and services and offering the best possible solutions to our customers.

You are welcomed to open a FedEx China account to experience quality services or visit to get more information.

Yours Sincerely,

TNT Express Worldwide (China) Limited

Federal Express (China) Company Limited