Labelling your shipment

How to print and place your labels

Clear labelling is a clear advantage. It’s what allows us to get your shipment where it’s going — and provides the handling it requires along the way. Taking a few extra moments to get your routing labels and special handling labels right could make all the difference.

A guide to clear labelling


1. Remove old labels

Too many labels risk confusion. Never stick new ones on top of the old.

2. Print new labels

Use self-adhesive paper, if possible, to print the routing labels provided with your booking. If not, use plain paper and place it in a document pouch. Your TNT driver can provide a supply of pouches upon collection.

3. Put a backup inside

It’s a good idea to place a copy of your shipping documents—or at least the address of the receiver—inside the box before you seal it, just in case anything happens to the outer label.

4. Affix firmly

Place routing labels (or document pouches) on the top surface of boxes or the side of pallets, making sure the bar code is fully flat and visible, not bent over the edge. Apply labels after taping/wrapping so they are not obscured. Use extra adhesive tape or staples on fabric or wooden surfaces, if necessary.

5. Keep clear

Do not wrap over or obscure your labels in any way. Even if you can see through the plastic wrapping, our scanners may not be able to read the bar code.

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