WhatsApp Delivery Options Supplemental Terms and Conditions

Applicable to all delivery options requested via WhatsApp 

All deliveries are subject to TNT Terms and Conditions of Carriage and Other Services applicable in the origin country of the shipment which was in effect at the time of shipment.

The delivery options that are detailed in WhatsApp message you received are subject to the additional terms and conditions and restrictions as detailed below. 

Deliver to my address on a different date/time 

Delivery date and time slots stated on the WhatsApp message are indicative only. TNT will confirm the revised estimated delivery date and time via WhatsApp following receipt of requested change. 

Have my building management office sign for the package

You are solely responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your shipment following delivery by TNT to your building management office. TNT accepts no liability for loss or damage caused following delivery as requested by you. 

Self-collect package at a FedEx location 

Requests for self-collection of shipment at a FedEx location may lead to a change to the estimated delivery date and time of your shipment. TNT will confirm the estimated delivery date and time via WhatsApp following receipt of request.

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