Intercontinental Services

Through its unrivalled network, TNT delivers to all over the world. Whether urgent or less so, large or small, TNT goes further to provide a solution for your intercontinental shipments. 

Save time

TNT has reduced transit times across the world by up to three days. Wherever your shipment is going, we’ll get it there faster.

Save money

With Economy Express, you can take advantage of our most economical shipping service.

Anywhere in the world

TNT has transport networks all over the world for export and import. We can collect and deliver from more destinations than ever before.

Economical shipping to and from China

Do you require reliable, cost-effective and secure shipping? We provide exactly that, with quality, flexibility and global connectivity.


  • Our Economy Express service to and from China is significantly faster than sea freight and up to 30% cheaper than air freight
  • TNT’s Asian Road Network links China and over 125 cities across Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos

Fast, economical shipping in Europe

TNT's European Road Network is second to none. This means you can benefit from very competitive rates and faster deliveries for shipments travelling to and from Europe.


  • Express and Economy Express is available in over 39 countries across Europe, with recent improvements in Belarus, Macedonia, Malta, Albania, Cyprus, Ukraine and Moldova
  • Guaranteed capacity for pallet items up to 1000kg in weight

Unrivalled connectivity to and from South East Asia

Use our integrated, global network for cost-effective shipping to South-East Asia.


  • TNT's Asian Road Network links over 125 cities across 5,000km in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos with China
  • TNT's Boeing 747 freighters connect the TNT hub in Europe to Singapore for faster shipping between SEA, China and Europe
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