Understanding your invoice

Fuel surcharge

TNT applies an index-based fuel surcharge to all shipments.


Out-of-area surcharge

We provide collection and delivery services virtually anywhere you require. For certain remote and less-accessible locations an additional out-of-area surcharge is applied to cover additional costs incurred.


Surcharges are additional charges that are mandatory and applicable to your TNT shipments.

When shipping consignments with TNT, the following surcharges apply: 


Updates to our surcharges (effective 1 January 2024)

In 2024, we are updating the base amounts of the following surcharges.

Dangerous Goods:
Dry Ice
Remote Area:
Out-of-Delivery Area**
€0.42/kg (min. €22) €0.45/kg (min. €22)
Non-Electronic Consignment€5.00/shipment€8.00/shipment

*To avoid this surcharge, please refer to our packaging guidelines.

**The postal codes where this surcharge applies will be updated. Find full details here.

Updates to our Shipment Handling surcharges (effective 2 January 2023)

1.    New Additional Handling Surcharges

Effective 2 January 2023, new Additional Handling Surcharges* (AHS) for non-standard packages may be applied to your shipments. This is to account for additional resources required to move non-standard packages effectively through our network.

a.    Additional Handling Surcharge – Packaging

(EUR 40 / shipment)

AHS-Packaging is triggered by non-standard packages that are not compatible with our standard processes and can place our equipment, personnel, and other packages at risk. These non-standard packages require manual intervention to avoid these packages getting entangled in conveyors, jamming chutes or slides, breaking sort equipment, or damaging other packages.

AHS-Packaging applies to a shipment containing any item or package that:

  • is not fully encased in an outer shipping container or packaging;
  • is encased in an outer shipping container or packaging not made of corrugated fibreboard (cardboard) materials, including but not limited to metal, wood, canvas, leather, hard plastic, soft plastic, or expanded polystyrene foam (e.g. Styrofoam);
  • is encased in an outer shipping container or packaging covered in shrink wrap or stretch wrap;
  • is round or cylindrical, including (without limitation) mailing tubes, cans, buckets, barrels, tires, drums, or pails;
  • is bound with metal, plastic, or cloth banding, or has wheels (e.g. a bicycle), casters, handles, or straps, including packages where the outer surface area is loosely wrapped, or where the contents protrude outside the surface area;
  • could become entangled in, or cause damage to other packages or our sortation system.

b.    Additional Handling Surcharge – Weight

(EUR 20 / shipment)

Applies to a shipment containing any item or package that has an actual weight greater than 31kg (but less than 68kg).  Please note AHS-Weight does not apply to an item, package, or box on a standard pallet.

Our sortation systems are designed for items or packages up to 31kg. Packages over this weight require manual intervention to avoid crushing other packages or injuring employees.

To learn more about these new surcharges, you can read more here.

To avoid these surcharges, you can read more about our packing tips and packaging guidelines at

2.     Updated definition of existing surcharges to align to global operational standards

.     Additional Handling – Non-conveyable

AHS Non-conveyable applies if an item weighs less than 30kg and exceeds any of the following dimensions: 1.21 m (L) x 0.76 m (W) x 0.76 m (H)

b.    Non-stackable

Non-stackable surcharge applies to a shipment containing at least one piece, skid, or pallet that is non-stackable. Non-stackable means that a piece, skid, or pallet cannot be stacked vertically in a safe and secure manner. This surcharge applies once per shipment, even if multiple pieces identified as non-stackable are bunded in a shipment.

* We reserve the right to assess Additional Handling charges for packages that require special handling or that require us to apply additional packaging during transit. Package shape and dimensions may change during transit, which can affect the package’s surcharge eligibility. If the package shape and dimensions change during transit, we may make appropriate adjustments to the shipment charges at any time.

TNT reserves the right to amend rates, surcharges, transit times, and zones as we deem necessary with or without notice and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


Additional taxes for TNT collect shipments imported from India, Vietnam & Thailand

Invoices for TNT collect shipments imported from India, Vietnam and Thailand will reflect an additional tax in the amount and from the effective date as indicated in the table below. This is due to a change in our business model, and is compliant with relevant tax regulations. The tax will apply to all TNT customers whose shipments originate in India, Thailand or Vietnam, including payers billed outside of these countries. If you have any questions about the tax, please reach us at the enquiry hotline on your TNT invoice.

Origin of shipmentAdditional taxEffective date
India18%1 June 2020
Vietnam10%1 September 2020
Thailand7%1 September 2020