About shipping prices

Understanding the cost of your shipment allows you to plan ahead more effectively. Discover how our prices are calculated.

3 factors that determine the shipping price

Shipment type

Size and weight of goods will affect the shipping price. It is important to pack your shipment correctly in order to avoid damage and delays.


Distance and accessibility of destinations will impact the price. Make sure your shipment is labelled clearly with the documents provided.


Shipping costs will vary depending on when you want your shipment to arrive and whether you require a time-definite service.

Your invoice explained

Understand the cost of shipping, as well as of possible surcharges and additional services.


Shipping costs

Dependent on the shipment type and the service selected.

Optional extras

Our truly comprehensive shipping service includes a range of optional extras for you to choose from.


Out of regular hours
Import solutions
Customs solutions
See all optional extras


Shipments always run the risk of surcharges. These are extra charges that can be added because of variables or extra costs we have to cover.


Fuel surcharge 
See all surcharges 

6 quick tips to easily cut costs

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