Optional extras

Our optional extras allow you to customise your shipments to meet the specific demands of your business.

To add on top of your Express, Economy Express or Special service

Out of regular hours

  • Weekends
  • Remote area
  • Residential delivery

Import solutions

  • Billing in own currency
  • Express Import tool
  • Expertise

Extra care

  • Medical supplies
  • Fragile
  • Temperature sensitive

CO2 Neutral shipping

  • Compensate carbon dioxide emissions
  • Track and analyse your CO2 footprint
  • Meet the compliance needs of your business
  • Fully verified by external auditors

Customs solutions

  • Duties and tax advancement
  • Delivery duties paid
  • Special clearance activities
  • Expertise

Enhanced liability

  • Low rates
  • Compensation up to full value
  • Easy management
  • Worldwide coverage

Additional services

Download Additional Service Fee – Download
Our add-on services allow you to customise your shipments to meet the specific demands of your business. 

Additional services

Add-on fee (CNY)



Enhanced Security

• Doc:5.00 per con

• Non-Doc:1.0% of declared value with a minimum of 30.00 per con

Per consignment

maximum value of EUR 25,000

9:00 Express


Per consignment

10:00 Express


Per consignment

12:00 Express


Per consignment



Per consignment

Remote Area Service

3.50 (effective January 4, 2021)

Per kilogram

Minimum 168.00 per consignment (effective January 4, 2021)

Non Conveyable


Per consignment

Charge applied to consignments when one or more of the items weith less than 30 kgs and one or more of the dimensions exceed 1.2m(L)*0.7m(W)*0.6m(H)

Exceeding Dimensions


Per consignment

Non-Electronic Consignment


Per consignment

Non Stackable Surcharges (SNS)


Per consignment

Resolved Wrong Address (RWA)

83.00 (effective January 4, 2021)

Per consignment

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