TNT is becoming FedEx

With TNT and FedEx working as one, you now have new ways to ship and even more places to reach. While we encourage you to open a FedEx account and enjoy up to 40% off shipping with FedEx, if you have any specific needs for TNT services, please provide your contact information, so we may contact you to learn more about your requirements. 

Federal Express Korea LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") collects and uses your personal information as follows, in order to verify the availability of TNT delivery services. Please read the details and make your decision regarding consent.

I have fully understood the Company's explanation on collection and processing of personal information and hereby consent thereto.

* Right to Refuse Consent and Information on Refusal of Consent
You have the right to refuse consent for the collection and use of personal information as described above. However, refusal to consent may result in the impossibility of providing TNT services and, as a result, you may not receive the benefits provided by the Company.

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