Food Supply Chain & Logistics Services

At TNT we offer a range of excellent food supply chain services for your business.

In the food logistics industry, we understand that timing is everything, especially when it comes to supplying to consumer businesses with important events and functions across the globe. Whether you need food industry logistics for a shop, restaurant or catering business, with TNT’s expert food logistics services we can ensure that your inbound food industry supply chain is a reliable, efficient and responsive service working to best suit your business needs.

Food Industry Logistics

The food supply chain services we offer at TNT include ambient, chilled and frozen food logistics, so whatever type of business you own, at TNT, we can help to improve the speed and efficiency of your business with our food production supply chain expertise. Our service means that we can guarantee the following:

  • To reduce inventory pipeline costs by 2-4% with efficient and reliable delivery.
  • Diminish the chance of line stoppage by up to 60% that may have been caused by transport-related issues.
  • Increase planning productivity by 3-6% by helping your business in its receiving, sequencing and materials management functions.
  • Reduce administration costs by up to 50% of handling multiple carriers for emergency shipments.

Supply Chain Management in Food Industry

At TNT we understand that when it comes to food logistics any delays or disruptions to your deliveries can have significant consequences. That’s why your business should invest in the services of our highly motivated team, who have years of experience in servicing the food supply chain industry so you can rely upon them to get it right. We organise our deliveries to meet your business needs, whether that’s the shipping of chilled or frozen foods. The demands of the food and drink industry are ever increasing so it’s vital that your business uses a food supply chain management service which they can rely on. Our food production supply chain includes:

  • 6 specialists’ desks and better local planning abilities; we can guarantee a 2-5% better service than our closest competitors.
  • We have a wide range of services for you to choose from so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect one for your business.
  • We can provide you with a single point of contact for all your food supply chain management needs.
  • Daily pick up and day definite deliveries guaranteed

With reach, speed and transparency, we have the skills and knowledge to provide your business with a food logistics service that you can rely on. We have a variety of different carriers and utilise the European road network to deliver to more than 20% of European destinations within a 48-hour period, so we can help you to ensure your customers receive their essential food goods right on time.

Contact TNT today for more information on our food supply chain services. We can help your business to be faster and more efficient, keeping customers happy and ensuring that your supplies arrive in their desired destination on time and in great condition.