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Everything under one roof. Learn how to ship, clear customs, understand pricing and more.

Ship a parcel

Shipping doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer a wide range of parcel delivery services to ensure that we can meet the needs and demands of your business.

Clear customs

When sending goods abroad, customs can cause delays. See what to expect when shipping internationally and how to reduce time at the border.

Ship my product

Whether it’s documents, freight or something requiring a little more planning, we’ll find the best way to get your shipment from A to B.

Ship safely

Our global network includes specialists with expertise in shipping different types of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, ensuring your safety and the safety those handling them.

Understand pricing

Understanding the cost of your shipment allows you to plan ahead more effectively. Discover how our prices are calculated.

Understand surcharges

Surcharges are mandatory extra costs that could be added to your shipping invoice. This are usually due to fuel prices, out-of-area deliveries or non-stackable items.

Pack your shipment

Ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time by packing your goods correctly. It's one of the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of delays and damage during transit.

Label your shipment

Clear labelling has a clear advantage. It’s what allows us to get your shipment where it’s going — and provides the handling it requires along the way.

Calculate size & weight

The weight and dimensions of your goods is the main factor in determining the shipping price. Get all the information you need on calculating the size of your shipment and its impact.

Verify your destination

We ship to over 220 countries and territories. Find information about your destination and check if any sanctions or export regulations apply.

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