Customs charges, tariffs & taxes

At TNT we understand that a smooth customs clearance is crucial when it comes to your deliveries. That’s why with our expert knowledge of customs charges and duty rates, we can help to ensure a stress free customs clearance for all your deliveries and imports, no matter where they’re coming from.

What are Customs Charges?

Customs charges are added onto anything that you buy abroad and send back to the UK, buy as a gift or receive as a gift from overseas.

Customs Tax and You

If you send goods from outside of the EU, there’s the chance that the recipient may have to pay customs charges on them before they can collect them.

Most products imported into the UK are subject to customs tax and UK duty with customs charges not applying for products sent within the EU.

When it comes to things that are being sent back to you from overseas as a personal item, you don’t have to pay customs charges thanks to the customs declaration which describes them as personal belongings.

The customs tax is applied by customs staff at the postal depots and varies depending on the value and type of goods. Depending on the amount of goods, the customs tax changes with the value of postage and packing also having an impact.

Customs Tariff Experts

For more information about the different customs charges and excise duties call TNT on 0800 801 605. Our expert knowledge means that you won’t be surprised by any unexpected customs charges and have a smooth customs clearance.

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