Hanging Garment Delivery Services

With TNT Fashion Group you can have your clothing delivered and retail ready for the shop floor. Our hanging garment delivery services will see your business’ consignments sent to you on rails via our specially designed trailers. This way you can count on your items arriving in pristine condition, ready for you to display.

Your Bespoke Retail Ready Clothing Delivery Service

When you book this service, your consignments will be routed through our Glenfield Fashion Hub where they are hung on rails. These rails are then collected by our drivers in specialist trailers and are covered in a protective shroud. So as well as being in the best condition when they arrive, your clothing is retail ready to be sold.

The biggest advantage for your business here is you don’t have to spend time preparing your goods for sale.

Get in Contact to book your Hanging Garment Delivery

We are proud to say this is also a peak period delivery service, which on top of the already excellent service we’re offering, means you can enjoy even faster speed-to-market. So simply get in contact today to set up an account and one of our team will tell you all you need to know to get your hanging garment deliveries arranged.