What you can ship in the UK

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Restricted items domestically

While some goods are restricted by specific regulations, that doesn’t mean we can’t ship them. This depends on the type of goods and the quantity. Please inform us if you want to send anything that is classed as a restricted item.

Dangerous goods

We’re talking about more than corrosives and radioactive material. Any substance that could cause someone harm when not handled properly can be classed as dangerous.

E.g. Lithium batteries, dry ice, perfume


These materials can degrade and become harmful during transit. They can also have a detrimental and irreversible effect on the ecosystem they are entering into.

E.g. Food, perishable items, organic and industrial waste, plants and seeds


This is anything too large to fit on a pallet. These items will require a unique solution designed by our team of specialists.

E.g. Agricultural equipment, vehicles, furniture, carpet rolls

High value

Countries often have strict rules regarding the import and export of large amounts of currency and other high value items. It’s important to check whether the goods you’re shipping are compliant with the relevant customs regulations.

E.g. Jewellery, precious metals, antiques, fine art, gemstones, currency

Biological substances

These items can range from live animals going to a new home to blood needed for an urgent transfusion. Because of the risk to those handling them, they’re classed as restricted.

E.g. Blood samples, live animals, dead animals, animal fur, human organs and remains

Other restricted items

Asbestos, pornography, ivory, passports, endangered plants and species, tobacco and alcohol.

Prohibited items domestically

There are some goods that we cannot ship.




Real trees

Vehicle tyres

White goods


Un-wrapped metal

Engine (Not crated)

Live animals

Shed / Fence panels / Greenhouses

Unboxed furniture

Explosives, including fireworks

Party poppers

Firearms & weapons

Ashes/Human remains

Illegal narcotics

Cash (any currency)

Precious metals (i.e. gold/silver bullion)

Human organs

Counterfeit goods

Large gym equipment (requiring 2 man lift)

Items unsuitable for the Express Network / carried at own risk

There are goods that are carried at your own risk.

Objects of art

Glass or china



Precious gems/stones

Negotiable instruments & cheques

Important documents (inc passports, tenders, share & option certificates)

Enhanced liability is not available for the following items

Laptop computers


Plasma & LCD screens

Memory cards

Data or image carrying goods


Documents (other than reprinting cost, max. of £350.00)


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