Send a Parcel to Canada

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The UK is Canada’s second biggest trading partner and possesses one of the most stable financial systems in the world. Canada is also the UK’s 16th largest export market for goods, with over 700 businesses already sending parcels to Canada on a regular basis to help grow their companies. A lot of similarities between the two nations make it a great choice for expanding your business into, along with the ease of shipping to Canada from UK locations.

Shipping to Canada?

Shipping parcels to Canada largely involves following the same rules and regulations when exporting goods from the UK to most Western nations. This is part of the reason that making the most of such business opportunities is highly appealing, as it is relatively easy to post to Canada. Still, there are certain customs requirements that must be met to ensure a smooth process when exporting to Canada.


Benefits of Exporting to Canada

Canada shares a lot of cultural, historic and linguistic ties with the UK which provides a lot of benefits for businesses looking to export to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Similar legal and business practices, with familiar products and services on offer, make it easy for British businesses to find a place in the Canadian market. Its closeness to the USA can be an advantage for further expansion opportunities, and the Canadian market is strong thanks to large, diverse natural resource sectors, a big consumer base and high personal wealth.


Important Customs Information for Canada

There are a few challenges regarding shipping to Canada and some customs regulationsthat must be overcome to ensure a successful delivery. Doing business in Canada is mostly similar to the UK but there are a few restrictions in place for certain sectors, such as agriculture which is heavily protected for certain exports in this market. Therefore, it is always best to check with the specific sector’s regulatory body and Canadian customs before beginning to ship to Canada from UK addresses.

For the most part, goods that are banned from being exported to Canada are the same as most places. These include firearms, illegal goods, human remains, live animals, etc. It does have a few restricted items specific to Canada:


  • Alcohol
  • Credit Cards
  • Foodstuffs
  • Medical samples
  • Tobacco
  • Taxes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) controls tax laws for any exports to the country. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an addition to customs duties, a value-added tax that is usually 5% and charged to all exports. Different tariffs will be applied depending on what sort of goods you are exporting to Canada, which are worth checking before you send parcels to Canada.


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