Send a Parcel to China

Take advantage of TNT’s expertise and quality exporting services to send a parcel to China.

China is commonly known as the largest exporter in the world, but it has quietly crept up to become the second largest importer on the planet as well, overtaking the USA. With such a huge population and growing economy, there are many opportunities to do business by exporting to China, despite the nation’s political restrictions. Once a highly agricultural society, urbanisation grew to over 50% and has created many more business openings.

Shipping to China?

Shipping to China offers a lot of great business opportunities, with the likes of Land Rover already taking advantage and exporting more vehicles to the country than any other. SMEs and niche businesses are growing their exports too, but China shipping can be a lot more complicated than sending parcels to other nations. It is known for having strict importing and exporting regulations and customs policy, so expect all postage to China to undergo strong checks.


Benefits of Exporting to China

China is the second largest economy in the world and the biggest trading partner for most Asian nations. This closeness to other Asia Pacific nations is a big incentive for many British businesses to export and set up bases in China, so much so that UK exports to China have risen in the past few years, with the country’s fast growing consumer market a major benefit.


China is a fast-growing market, with a flourishing business base and strong government investment programme helping this to happen. With the largest population in the world, including over 160 cities with more than one million inhabitants, the market is only going to grow.


Important Customs Information for China:

Banned and Restricted Goods


There are a number of items that are banned from being imported into China. If your business is making its money exporting any of the below, China is not an option:


  • Platinum, gold or silver
  • Coins and banknotes
  • Radio transmitters
  • Soil
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Ivory
  • US beef products

Anything marked ‘Republic of China’ or ‘Made in China’ is also disallowed from being imported, while materials that promote political opinions which the government does not support will be confiscated too.

Restrictions are in place for firearms, perishable foods, live animals, alcohol, tobacco and more. It is best to check with the Chinese customs authority before exporting as these restrictions can change.


VAT and Tax

The UK has double taxation agreements in place with China. It is important to remember that VAT will be charged on exports, usually at 17% but for a number of levied goods it is 13%. 14 categories of goods are subject to consumption tax while corporate tax is applied to any Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE). China also uses a valuation database listing the valuation of imports based on international prices to work out customs charges. These can be recalculated if importer’s values are not accepted.


To avoid any trouble when sending parcels to China discover TNT shipping tools. These ensure when you send a parcel to China that all the necessary customs requirements are met. For more information contact us, our customer service team will help you with any answer you need.