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If you’re looking to send a letter, parcel or pallet to Denmark, TNT can ensure that your parcel arrives safely, securely and on time.

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As a wealthy country with a market that has historically been very receptive to UK products and services, Denmark can offer many opportunities for UK businesses. Denmark also has a highly educated and motivated talent pool, with 4 out of 5 people speaking English as a second language and a huge number of university educated citizens; which can in turn be beneficial if you want to work with Danish businesses. Doing business in this nation may also require you to start shipping to Denmark from your UK base of operations, or indeed begin exporting goods – which is where our services can help.


The TNT Advantage

As a country with a similar business culture to that of the UK, businesses expect to have their goods on time and in perfect condition – which is something you can provide when using us as your courier to Denmark. We have the knowledge and experience needed for shipping goods of all shapes and sizes and even have specialist heavy and bulky parcel delivery services to Denmark. These are ideal for any large orders or consignments you might need to send. As well as this, there are many benefits of shipping to Denmark with us, these include our:


  • Global reach, delivering to locations in 200+ countries
  • Time and day definite services
  • Options to choose a speed and collection time convenient for you
  • Clear cost breakdowns for when you ship to Denmark


Along with these services, we also have the knowledge and experience you can trust, which comes from helping many other businesses organise their deliveries to Denmark.

Shipping to Denmark?

There are plenty of different opportunities for UK businesses who are planning on shipping to Denmark, plus with limited trading restrictions and clear regulations outlined on the SKAT website, delivery to Denmark can be relatively easy to arrange with us. What’s more, if you use our services, we can even organise all this for you and help open your business up to many growth opportunities.


Benefits of Exporting to Denmark

As alluded to above, working with Denmark can be quite advantageous for your business. Denmark’s proximity to mainland Europe can also offer opportunities to extend to wider parts of Scandinavia and the Baltic areas. The country also has one of Europe’s strongest economies and as such it means there can be opportunities for a variety of industries, ranging from manufactured goods, to pharmaceuticals.


Important Customs Information for Denmark

As Denmark is a part of the EU, the same rules and regulations for imports apply as in other member countries across Europe, with no import duties applicable. Customs and excise duties only apply on goods over the value of 3,250 DKK. It’s important to note that this also applies for parts of a whole item, so if for instance you were to ship individual pieces of a product to put together and then operate, the correct duties must be paid to reflect the value of the whole item.

Prohibited items

According to information from VisaHQ, importing endangered animals and plants into Denmark is illegal. As is importing meat or milk from countries outside the EU and protected items including tortoise shell, coral, reptile skin and wood from Amazonian rainforests.


There are special restrictions on certain imports to Denmark. You can request special permission to import certain animals from the Danish Nature Agency and check their rules and regulations here.


There are regulations on the import of both tobacco and alcohol products, with customs having the authority to seize parcels if they believe they are of a commercial nature.


Any items included in any parcels to Denmark which do not comply with the customs regulations will be held or destroyed by customs officials. Anyone found to be breaking the rules on imports will be fined by the customs authority.


Please see the VisaHQ page for full details on prohibited and restricted items, before you begin shipping to Denmark.


Remember though, that when you choose us to manage your deliveries, we can ensure that when you send a parcel to Denmark, your business’ goods will always get to their destination.