Send a Parcel to Greece

With our expert knowledge and experience of international delivery, sending your parcels to Greece with TNT is stress free.

Greece isn’t all just stunning sandy beaches and idyllic island scenery, it’s a great place to do business and has a long standing relationship with the UK, making it an ideal location to consider exporting to. With the Greek economy being weaker than usual right now, thinking about sending parcels there can be daunting for businesses. However, sending your parcels to Greece with TNT is stress free thanks to our expert knowledge and experience of international delivery.


The TNT Advantage

By sending your parcel to Greece with TNT, you can be sure that your goods will make it over the border quickly and easily, without any unnecessary complications further down the line. We have years of experience in shipping to Greece and can help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding wanting to send a parcel to Greece, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. With Greece being an EU member state, shipping goods there has fewer complications than many other countries, making it an ideal destination to trade with.

When posting to Greece, general international rules do apply including clearly printing in capital letters the name of the country of destination on the last line of address and including the addressees’ mobile number on the parcel to assist with any further delivery issues.

Shipping to Greece?

There are many advantages of exporting to Greece, especially for your business. Greece has a strong business relationship with the UK, with many private sector opportunities and ways to expand. Greece’s two biggest cities are Athens and Thessaloniki and half of Greece’s total 11 million population live there, making them the country’s sole economic heartlands.


Important Customs Information for Greece

To make sure your parcel arrives in Greece safely, there are some important customs information you need to be aware of. As a longstanding member of the EU, shipping to Greece from the UK doesn’t incur any extra duties or charges.

Generally, items which are prohibited from entering Greece are similar to other countries across the globe. These include, live animals, meat, dairy produce, medication not intended for personal use, plants and plant products. For more details, take a look at the full list of prohibited items here.

Shipping to Greece with TNT will make sure that the delivery of parcels to Greece is quick, easy and affordable. If you need any extra advice when it comes to how to send a parcel to Greece or more information on shipping to Greece for business purposes, contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to help.