Send a Parcel to Ireland

If you’re looking to send letters, parcels, or pallets, you can rely on TNT to get your goods delivered to Ireland tailored to your personal or business needs.

The Republic of Ireland, the nation that brings us Guinness, James Joyce, the Gaelic language and a whole host of cultural delights, is a key trading partner with the UK. The Irish economy has made great progress in recent years, with a nominal GDP of 232.1 billion USD. Ireland is now one of the fastest growing economies in the Eurozone.

The TNT Advantage

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Shipping to Ireland?

Apart from postcodes in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, postal codes work differently in the Republic of Ireland to the way they do in the UK.

The Eircode postal code system was introduced in 2014 by An Post, with unique codes pertaining to unique premises. It was a costly system, estimated at €27 million over 10 years, which initially faced criticism for lack of accuracy and presence of omissions, added to the fact that it was not immediately introduced in satellite navigation systems.

  • Rural addresses are arranged by county, the closest post town and the townland
  • Urban addresses are ordered by county, city or town name, street name, house number or name, then the flat or apartment number
  • Dublin has a system of 22 districts with the prefix ‘D’, from D01-D22

Due to this system, postal operatives in Ireland may need to remember family names residing at addresses.


Despite language concerns about whether Irish or English language is used, Eircode is language neutral; provided the address is complete and accurate, you can use either language when you send parcels to Ireland.

Important Customs Information for Ireland

When shipping from the UK, import duty and taxes are not due for payment, as it’s inside the EU single market. Goods and services supplied in Ireland are subject to 23% VAT.

For more information on the customs and duties required in Ireland, click here.

Shipping with TNT will make your shipment of goods to the Republic of Ireland quick and easy. If you have any questions or would like any more information, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.