Send a Parcel to Japan

If you’re looking to send a letter, parcel or pallet to Japan, TNT can ensure that your parcel arrives safely, securely and on time.

As one of the largest export markets in Asia, Japan could be an ideal place to do business overseas. What’s more, with a population of over 127.1 million people and various industries and sectors, there are huge opportunities for your business to tap in to and begin importing and exporting. This is where you could use our international delivery services to send your business parcels to Japan.


The TNT Advantage

Shipping to Japan using our services can bring your business many advantages. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to organise and oversee the whole process of your deliveries to Japan, to ensure they arrive on time. You can also tap into the following business benefits we offer, should you choose our services for your shipping to Japan:


  • Our time and day definite services
  • The option to choose a speed and collection time convenient for you
  • A clear cost breakdown


Benefits of Exporting to Japan

One of the main benefits of exporting to Japanese markets is that they can provide lots of options for a UK business. According to information from BusinessLinkJapan, there are opportunities in everything from engineering, to renewables, green tech and even fashion. In fact, there are more than ‘400 British companies enjoying success in Japan’ and the variety of different trade avenues means there could be something worth tapping into for your UK business.


Shipping to Japan?

With any imports and exports that require you to send parcels to Japan, a delivery service like ours can be the ideal solution. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to get the items you want shipping to Japan to their destinations quickly. In addition to this we have a variety of other services you may wish to consider for your consignments.


Important Customs Information for Japan

When you send a package to Japan it’s important to be aware that sometimes additional taxes can be added depending on the location and goods specified. More information about such taxes can be found on Japan Customs. You can also speak to one of our helpful advisors if you have any questions about this.


Prohibited and Restricted Items

According to information on the Japan Customs website, there are a number of restrictions and prohibited items. These include:


  • Firearms
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights


Please review the full list and see the official Japanese customs website to find out more information about the specific restrictions in place, before you organise your delivery to Japan.


It is also worth noting that the Japanese Customs Authority only accept type-written invoices. Handwritten invoice notes will not be accepted.


If you need any extra support or information regarding sending a parcel to Japan, you can get in touch with our team and they’ll assist you with your parcel deliveries. Also, they can offer advice on which services are right for your shipments.