Send a Parcel to Norway

If you’re looking to send a letter, parcel or pallet to Norway, TNT can ensure that your parcel arrives safely, securely and on time.

As the UK’s 11th biggest export country, Norway can offer a lot to UK businesses. With emerging opportunities for export across a number of different industries, from ICT to consumer goods, now is the time to organise your shipping to Norway from the UK. As a country with a longstanding trading relationship with the UK, working in Norway could a very lucrative opportunity for your business. With this, we have the services you can count on to move any business deliveries you may need to make to Norway, quickly and easily.


The TNT Advantage

When you organise your parcel delivery to Norway with us, you can be assured of an efficient and timely delivery. What’s more, as well as being a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced courier to Norway, with our services you can also benefit from:


  • Global reach, delivering to locations in over 200+ countries
  • Time and day definite services
  • The option to choose a speed and collection time convenient for you
  • Clear cost breakdown


Shipping to Norway?

We have a variety of different delivery services available for when you need to send a parcel to Norway. Our specialist services also include the delivery of heavy or bulky items, so we can take care of all the different types and sizes of packages you may need to send. Equally though, no matter how big or small the parcel you want to ship to Norway may be, we’ve got the services to ensure that they arrive on time and in great condition.

Benefits of Exporting to Norway

There are a variety of opportunities and industries available including timber and metal products, hydropower equipment and telecommunications, it certainly seems there are plenty of benefits to working with this country.


Important Customs Information for Norway

As Norway is not a part of the European Union, customs rules are different to those of EU member states. All goods you wish to send to Norway will be subject to customs checks so it’s vital that your shipping to Norway complies with these guidelines set out by the Norwegian Customs Authority.


Prohibited and Restricted Items

As this list from VisaHQ explains, there are restrictions on Norwegian imports and exports. This list includes shipping jewellery and precious metals, as well as textiles, which must be accompanied by a certificate of origin which specifies where the fabric was made; you also need an import license. So, before you look to send any goods to Norway, please review this list first and check what you can and can’t send.


Finally, if you have any further questions or need advice about shipping to Norway from the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be able to organise your parcel to Norway today.