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If you’re looking to send a letter, parcel or pallet to Romania, TNT can ensure that your parcel arrives safely, securely and on time.

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As a country that has a domestic market of nearly 20 million consumers and where English is a widely-spoken language, doing business in Romania could be a great move for your business. It can also be quite a lucrative and receptive market to tap into with a variety of sectors and industries available and a similar business culture to that of the UK.


The TNT Advantage

Not only are we experts in shipping many different types and sizes of goods, we also have a host of delivery speeds and specialist services for you to use with your deliveries to Romania. These include our heavy or bulky items service, where we can organise the delivery of any large or obscurely-shaped items you may need to send. Other benefits of using us include:


  • Day definite delivery services
  • Delivery to over 200+ countries worldwide
  • Specialist delivery services to suit your business’ needs


Shipping to Romania?

If you’re a business considering expanding and shipping to Romania, you could be amongst the 4,200 other UK businesses currently successfully trading there. This popularity is due in part to the fact that Romania has relatively a young, skilled and educated workforce that’s continuing to grow.


The Benefits of Exporting to Romania

Romania can also be a great country to start exporting to because of its geographical location next to the Balkans, essentially providing access to the whole of Eastern Europe; useful for any further expansion you might have in mind for your business. It also has a growing economy and the EU has provided funding for development in infrastructure and regional networks; these projects could also potentially offer new opportunities for UK businesses. Currently, the UK’s top exports to Romania come from a variety of different sectors and industries, ranging from chemical products to textiles and clothing. This also means that there could be further opportunities for your business to develop, should you start working with this nation.

Important Customs Information for Romania

As Romania is part of the European Union, when you send a parcel to Romania, getting these goods through customs can be straightforward, especially if they are all goods manufactured in the EU. There are, however, some items which are strictly prohibited from entering the country and should not be included when you send a parcel to Romania.


Prohibited and Restricted Items

You can find a full list of Romania’s import regulations on this list from VisaHQ, which should be reviewed before you look to ship any items. The nature of these restrictions can be quite varied and ranges from the amount of certain materials you can send, to goods which cannot be sent at all.


Remember though, if you choose to use us to handle your deliveries, we can help to ensure that your shipments meet any regulations and that your business’ goods arrive at their Romanian destinations in time.


For more information on our parcel delivery services, speak to one of our experts today. Our couriers will ensure that your parcel delivery to Romania is organised and sent in next to no time.