Customs services

Seamless international shipping door-to-door 

Take advantage of our local knowledge and up to the minute expertise you need, so your shipments never get unnecessarily delayed


At TNT, we have 70 years of global experience in international transport, export controls, import and export regulations and customs clearance — all at your disposal for every shipment you make.


Our service includes:

  • Fully managed customs clearance
  • Efficient, timely & accurate customs handling
  • Expert local knowledge in more than 200 countries
  • Clear and relevant customs information throughout the shipping process
  • Compliance when completing declarations on your behalf

Additional customs services

Customs Duty & Tax Advancement

On request, we can make sure that your shipment doesn’t get held up by covering any duties or local taxes levied during customs clearance. This service is charged at 5% of any duties or taxes charged, with a minimum fee of £20 and a maximum of £500


Special clearance activities

If your shipment is non-standard or in need of transit documents, we may be able to offer customs clearance help and assistance, at a cost of £22.50.


Multiple Line Entry

If your shipment consists of more than 5 commodities we will manage that at a charge of £4.50 per line.


Entry Amendment

We can amend entry documentation to ensure it clears customs if incorrect or incomplete information has been provided at a cost of £25.



If there is a delay in your goods clearing customs then we will store your consignment free of charge for up to 3 days. After that we will charge £5 per day.


Other governmental agencies

We can advise and assist when additional government agencies and regulations are involved in clearing your shipment (such as medical or telecommunications equipment).

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