Customs services

Seamless international shipping door-to-door 

Take advantage of our local knowledge and up to the minute expertise you need, so your shipments never get unnecessarily delayed


At TNT, we have 70 years of global experience in international transport, export controls, import and export regulations and customs clearance — all at your disposal for every shipment you make.


Our service includes:

  • Fully managed customs clearance
  • Efficient, timely & accurate customs handling
  • Expert local knowledge in more than 200 countries
  • Clear and relevant customs information throughout the shipping process
  • Compliance when completing declarations on your behalf

Customs clearance ancillaries fees

Additional Line Items TNT can provide clearance of shipments containing multiple commodities, however; an Additional Line Item Fee is applied to assign multiple tariff classifications.GBP 5.00 per additional line item as of the 6th line item
Storage TNT may assess a storage charge if your shipment remains uncleared in the TNT facility within the time limit published in the charges section.GBP 10.00 per package per working day after three working days.
Returned Goods TNT can organize the return of your goods that have temporarily been exported to a country outside the EU for reasons such as repair, processing, testing, evaluation, trade shows and touring events such as concerts, theatre plays, etc.GBP 21.00 per shipment
Other Government Agency Certain commodities are regulated and controlled by a separate Governmental Agency and are subject to specific clearance processes. To expedite the clearance of these types of shipments, TNT can provide the necessary documentation to file the required information (paper or electronic) with the respective Governmental Agency. TNT will advance payment of charges to external Governmental Agencies on your behalf. The Agency charges and a TNT processing fee will subsequently be invoiced to the payer.GBP 27.00 per shipment plus pass- through charge
Temporary Import When you request shipments to be imported on a temporary basis for a specified time, TNT may coordinate the importation process by advising, preparing and filing the required documents as specified by Customs.GBP 25.00 per shipment
Customized Ancillary Clearance Services TNT can provide additional services such as creating specific reports.Contact our GTS department for additional info
Import Permit for certain commodities, it is the importer’s responsibility to obtain a permit or license prior to importation.  TNT will ensure these documents are declared and/or presented to customs.  Also included is are (but not limited to) Preference Certificates, CITES.GBP 40.00 per shipment
Post Clearance Entry Adjustment At your request, TNT will submit an Entry Adjustment to Customs to correct an entry on any previous information you had provided. This may result in a reimbursement of an over payment or duty/tax or may result in an additional duty/tax amount owed to Customs.GBP 60.00 per shipment
Disbursement Fee: Duties, Taxes and other charges might be due when importing a shipment. FedEx may pay these fees in advance as assessed by Customs on behalf of the payer. A fee will be charged by FedEx to the customer based on the advanced amount paid.

Duty and Tax amount : £0 - £42.50. 
Disrbursement fee : 30% of the Duty and Tax amount with a minimum of £4.25.

Duty and Tax amount : £42.50 - £510.00. 
Disbursement fee : A flat fee of £12.75. 

Duty and Tax amount : £510.00+. 
Disbursement fee : 2.5% of the Duty and Tax amount       

Clearance for End Use To provide you with the most cost-effective customs brokerage service possible, TNT can ensure duty-free or duty- and VAT-free clearance of your shipment when you provide us with the necessary documentation. This service can be beneficial when shipping military, scientific, test equipment and aircraft parts.GBP 21.00 per shipment
UK-EU Customs Surcharge Applied to shipments moving between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The surcharge is a flat amount per shipment and may be subject to change.GBP 4.31 per shipment

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