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As an ABN holder you can send a domestic shipment now and pay using your credit card.

IMPORTANT! Please ensure your shipment’s details are accurately declared above – we check shipments’ sizes and weights regularly. If we discover your shipment’s actual size and / or weight is greater than what you have declared, we may charge you the difference in shipping rates between the incorrectly declared shipment and the rate applicable to the shipment’s actual weight and measurements.

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FedEx Super Rugby Referees promotion

Ship with selected FedEx International and TNT Domestic Express services from 29 May to 30 September, 2024 to enter the draw to win a 2024 Super Rugby team signed jersey or one of four $250 Prezzee e-gift cards.

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We are offering more convenience with the online form for all invoicing and payment matters, effective July 01, 2022.

International Shipping Guide

Learn the basics of international shipping and prepare your next shipment with tools and resources.

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