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Terms and conditions of carriage and other services

TNT express short form version 01-2012 

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Collection Services Terms and Conditions Version below:




1.1. Unless defined in these Collection Services Terms and Conditions, capitalised words will have the same meaning as defined in the then current version of our Terms and Conditions of Carriage and Other Services which may be viewed at www.tnt.com.au (‘TNT Terms and Conditions’).


1.2. The TNT Terms and Conditions will operate in conjunction with these Collection Services Terms and Conditions.


1.3. The following definitions apply to these Collection Services Terms and Conditions:


  • “Collection Services” means all services performed by us to facilitate collection by the receiver from the Collection Location.
  • “Collection Location” means the location where your Shipment has been delivered which may be referred to as a TNT Local Exchange.
  • “End Date” means the day which is seven (7) calendar days from (and including) the day on which the Shipment is delivered to the Collection Location or such later date as notified to you or the receiver by us.
  • “Receiver Information” means all information in relation to the receiver which we may reasonably require for the purpose of performing the Collection Services, including but not limited to their personal information, the receiver’s full name, working mobile phone number, email address.


1.4. A reference to a ‘Condition’ means a Condition in these Collection Services Terms and Conditions unless expressed to the contrary.




2.1. Where Condition 10.2 of the TNT Terms and Conditions applies, we may deliver a Shipment with a suitable freight profile to a Collection Location for collection by the receiver or the receiver’s nominated delegate.


2.2. We will notify the receiver that the Shipment has been delivered to a Collection Location.




3.1. If you have provided us with Receiver Information, then you warrant (as a continuing warranty) that all Receiver Information is complete and accurate and has been disclosed to us and collected by you in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and that you are authorised and have obtained all necessary consents and/or waivers from the receiver, for the purpose of:


(a) you disclosing the Receiver Information in accordance with these Collection Services Terms and Conditions;
(b) us using the Receiver Information and disclosing such Receiver Information to our subcontractors and agents in connection with the Collection Services.


3.2. If a Shipment is not collected by the receiver on or before the End Date then we will return the Shipment to you. You agree to pay us any costs we incur in forwarding or returning the Shipment to you.




Whilst we may engage subcontractors to perform aspects of the Collection Services, such subcontractors do not act as our agent or have any authority to represent or bind us.




We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and the policies referred to in these terms and conditions from time to time without prior written notice to you.


Receiver Information


In order to collect your Shipment from the nominated Collection Location:


You must:


(a) produce photographic identification on collection of the Shipment;
(b) You acknowledge that if you do not collect the Shipment from the Collection Location prior to the End Date then we reserve the right to collect the Shipment and arrange for it to be returned to the sender.
(c) You consent to us holding and using your personal information and sharing your personal information with relevant third parties for purposes related to the Collection of your Shipment. The personal information that you provide us will be held subject to our Privacy Policy available at www.tnt.com.au.

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