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Take control of your collections abroad

Ordering a collection in more than 175 countries is as easy as booking a collection from your own office.

TNT’s Express Import service takes the hassle out of bringing shipments from abroad as an importer. For registered users of TNT Online/myTNT, receiving a shipment is as easy as sending one — with no need to contact a shipper in the country of origin.

 We’ll collect your package in more than 175 countries, transport it as quickly as you choose, clear customs and cover any import duty required. So it’s on your desk the next morning — and you have just one invoice to pay, with costs billed in your own currency.

 Unlike other express delivery services, TNT’s Express Import provides a cost quote before you book. So you can choose exactly when your shipment will arrive and how much it will cost.

Choose the speed and delivery time of your import shipments from these International Express services.


NOTE: Service options may vary depending on the collection and delivery addresses.

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