TNT shipping solutions

Seamlessly incorporate shipping services

Whether you distribute to internal departments or external clients, we empower your own ordering systems to easily arrange shipping.


Check domestic shipments transit times


Check international shipments transit times


Booking cut-off times

For domestic shipments Australia-wide.


Retrieve an invoice or consignment note image

To retrieve copies of the invoice and related documents, including consignment notes, credit advices, debits advices and Australian customs paperwork.


TNT Australia invoice payment options

To pay by credit card please click on 'pay by credit card' or to pay electronically from your bank account, by direct debit, American Express recurring billing service or by BPay please click on 'other payment options'


CIT remote support

Do you need a quick solution to a technical problem? With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.


International airfreight quote

For imports and exports of shipments 200kg or greater, including dangerous goods, oversized and awkward freight.


Overseas pick-up request

Fill out an international pick-up request online.


Dangerous goods

We move dangerous goods around the world every day - with the utmost safety and regulatory compliance. Please click below for more information.


Order consumables

To order your CIT labels, consignment notes, operational labels, satchels and cartons simply complete the below form. Please allow up to three business days for delivery


Re-arrange a delivery

Missed a TNT delivery? You'll find a "Sorry we missed you" card with details of your package. Re-arranging delivery is as easy as choosing a convenient time slot online.


Change or update account details

To change your accounts details or update it, please click below.


Mobile services

When you are on the move, whatever device you have to hand, you can track and trace your shipment. Gain instant shipping access on your mobile phone using specially designed technology.

Send the SMS message to this number:

0408 620 309

This service is for domestic shipments only.

SMS tracking for domestic shipments - FAQ

“Special assistance? Any Questions? We are here to help you”
13 11 50

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