Frequently asked questions

Domestic Air Cargo Security

1. What TNT/FedEx services will be impacted?

Services impacted are:

  • TNT Domestic Priority (9:00 Express, 10:00 Express, 12:00 Express and Overnight Express) 
  • Time Critical - Next Flight and Failsafe


2. Will there be an impact to pick up times and what operational changes are needed to support?

We anticipate no changes to current TNT transit times. This means cut off and lodgment times will remain the same.


3. If I want to ship a pallet via the services listed in Q1, do the items need to be scanned at piece level? 

If your pallet contains homogenous cargo, then it may be able to be examined at a consolidated level. 

Cargo is considered homogenous when: 

  • Each individual item within the box, carton, package or other similar container is of the same size, shape, material and density to enable detection of any anomalies. 
  • The physical characteristics and the design element of the package for each individual item are also the same. 
  • Some limited differences are acceptable, for example, slight variations in size. As an example, if variations in size are negligible for example, different sized t-shirts. 
  • By presenting cargo in this way, customers will assist with the screening process, supporting smoother examination and clearance.


4. Are there any additional costs I have to pay?

Meeting these new regulations requires FedEx Express and TNT to invest in new security equipment and examination methods. Having regard to those changes, we have recalibrated our security surcharge. Effective 16 August 2020, 6.9% will be added to the current TNT Domestic Security Surcharge. Click here for more information.


5. I have questions about the changes that are occurring. Who should I contact?

Please speak with your TNT/ FedEx account manager or contact customer service on 13 11 50. 

Alternatively, for general advice on these new requirements, please contact the Australian Government - Department of Home Affairs at or visit the website.


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