Enhanced Liability

Shipping Insurance for Total Peace of Mind

At TNT, we take the utmost care with every shipment, but some circumstances are simply beyond our control. So, to help keep your consignments protected, we offer our own shipping and courier insurance, namely TNT's enhanced liability cover. This specialist delivery insurance covers the full value of your goods and means that whatever items you’re sending with us, these will be protected against any unforeseen circumstances as an insured delivery.

Every shipment we accept is covered by standard global conventions as specified in our Terms & Conditions. However, this isn’t full parcel delivery insurance and only offers limited liability based on weight and not the actual value of your shipment.

This is where our parcel and post insurance policy can help provide the protection you need. This is because with TNT's enhanced liability parcel insurance, there’s no need to use a separate insurance provider. You’ll could receive all the postal insurance cover you could possibly need.

Items Carried at Own Risk

*Not included by standard or enhanced liability cover

There are certain items that can be carried, but this is at your own risk and as such are not covered by our postal insurance. Take a look at these items in the graphic below:


If you’re not sure about whether or not your items are valid for our shipping and courier insurance, then please get in touch with our team and we’ll happily assist you.

Our Optional Domestic Enhanced Liability Provides:

  • £4 for up to £5,000 of cover – This level of parcel insurance is available for selection when booking a shipment if previously agreed on contract negotiation.
  • £7 for up to £10,000 of cover – This level of parcel insurance is available for selection when booking a shipment if previously agreed on contract negotiation.
  • £10 for up to £15,000 of cover – This level of parcel insurance is available for all new customers and existing customers, when booking a shipment without a level agreed on their contract (this includes carriage forwards).

So, as you can see, there are plenty of fantastic options for parcel delivery insurance with TNT, even covering larger, bulkier consignments.

Enhanced Liability Package Insurance Is Not Available For:

*Enhanced liability is not available for the following items

There are items where you cannot take out any shipping or courier insurance as these are not covered by our policy. Please take a look at our graphic below to find out which items do not qualify for our insured parcel delivery services.


Again, if you have any queries surrounding your items and whether or not these qualify for our enhanced liability postal insurance, then get in touch and we’ll tell you what you need to know.

Our optional International enhanced liability provides:

Peace of mind - Cover the value of your shipment with an insured delivery.*
Low rates - Just 1% of the value of goods, minimum £10.**
Easy management - Simply choose this option when you book your delivery and parcel insurance.
Global coverage - We cover almost any shipment, across more than 200 countries.

*Damage due to inadequate package excluded. See Terms & Conditions for details.

**Up to a value of £15,000. Contact Sameday on 08451 247 365 for higher value shipments. Cost may vary in selected countries.

So ensure your items get only the best level of protection by adding our enhanced liability courier and shipping insurance to your deliveries. This way you can help to ensure your goods are protected and safe from any potential unforeseen issues.

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