Doing Business in India: What are the Latest Market Trends?

With business cultures being so different across the globe it pays to know a few market trends before getting started. Here’s our guide to the latest business trends in India to help you forward your business.


Doing Business in India

With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India is a great place to start doing business. The vast country has 29 different states, so the market is very diverse and varied, meaning there are plenty of different business opportunities across a number of different sectors. From the larger economic centres like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, to the flourishing cities of Nagpur and Chennai, more and more UK companies are expanding their companies to Indian shores and it’s easy to see why.


Current Market Trends in India

India’s ecommerce and retail sectors are really thriving right now with plenty of opportunity for UK brands to start doing business in India in these fields.


Telecom is huge in India with the bigger cities being global centres of telecom activity, overtaking other leading countries such as Japan. With digital innovation growing globally, this is sure to be one of the biggest future emerging business trends in India. There are already a number of companies investing their money in digital sectors in the country’s larger economic areas.


Packaged food is a growing market trend in India thanks to the young population who are diversifying their tastes and have more disposable income to spend than the previous generations.


Education is a key current market trend in India with the young Indian population becoming more and more educated than the previous generation. India needs to invest in this area to further its economic growth and lead to further future development.

Emerging Market Trends in India

Life sciences and healthcare look set to be huge emerging trends in India. With a relatively young population and a growing economy there’s an ever growing middle class emerging looking set to increase the need for better healthcare in the country.


Infrastructure is another predictable opening for doing business in India. The growth of the middle class will see a demand for higher quality buildings, bigger premises and the UK has the expertise to oversee and develop this. This will also lead to expansions in India’s road networks and economic corridors, leaving plenty of room for UK businesses to expand.


India is now one of the largest automobile producers in the world, only slightly behind the leading country which is China. It’s predicted to overtake and become the biggest producer of automobiles in the world by 2020, meaning there is great opportunity to do business and benefit from such a flourishing sector.

Why you should start doing business in India

As a result of the latest business trends in India, there are many reasons you should consider doing business there. These include:


  • One of the world’s largest young populations
  • Skilled labour which comes at a low cost
  • Strong finical institutions
  • Expanding cities and potential economic growth


By expanding your business and taking advantage of the current and emerging business trends in India, you’ll be able to profit on the rapid growth of the country.